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Curiosity • Lightness • Levity

Hi, I'm Chelsi! I'm a Thai-American amateur artist and aspiring webcomic creator living in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated with my BA in English & Economics from CUNY City College. I currently repair watches and jewelry for a living!From an early age I held a huge fascination for storytelling and multimedia entertainment. I was always creating art, drawing my own comics, and developing my own stories!I took a long break from creating art once I started college. This break continued until the pandemic when the world was forced to stop and I could no longer work, so I started picking up the pen instead!I first started using digital art programs in late 2020! Crtl Z is a huge life saver and made me fall for digital art as a medium. I'm currently working on my first YT animatic!In my free time I enjoy creating art (haha did this need to be said?) reading, crafting, gardening, and learning new things!

Me with Prequel's Cartoon Filter to the left



Traditional Pencil on Paper


Digital Art

Procreate or Clip Studio


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